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Wedding cakes and motif cakes

Here you will find some information about our cakes. Each cake is unique and made according to your wishes. You can use our “ Cake creator ” here, or if you have very special ideas, please send us an email. The prices for motif cakes and custom-made products are calculated individually according to agreement and effort. It is a good idea to discuss the details during a telephone conversation. You are welcome to send us your exact ideas by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cake orders

We also make cakes according to your individual ideas. Whether wedding cakes, motif cakes or even vegan cakes, we make your very special custom-made cakes.

Mouse fillings with cream

Chocolate mousse with blueberries on chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate mousse with cherries and nougat on chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate mousse with blackcurrant fruit core on chocolate sponge cake
Raspberry with whole raspberries on a light sponge cake base
Blackcurrant mousse on a light sponge cake base
Vanilla strawberry with chocolate crunch light sponge cake
Coffee mousse with chocolate crunch on chocolate sponge cake
Passion fruit mousse on coconut financier
Lemon quark mousse with mint on a light sponge cake base

Butterem fillings

Vanilla strawberry or raspberry with chocolate crunch on a light sponge cake
Chocolate on chocolate sponge cake
Vanilla buttercream with salted caramel on chocolate sponge cake
Raspberry buttercream with whole raspberries on a light sponge cake
Lemon cream with a light sponge cake base
Passion fruit buttercream on chocolate sponge cake


To make it easier for you, we have summarized most of the questions and answers here:

Is delivery of the cakes possible?

We do not offer delivery of the cakes, but you can borrow an insulated box with a cold pack from us (deposit €100), in which you can easily transport the cake. The boxes fit most medium-sized cars.

What do I have to consider when picking up?

You should have the trunk cleared so that we can load the cake into your car together with you. Of course, you should drive carefully afterwards. Since our cakes are supported with a stand inside, nothing can easily fall over.

How far in advance do I have to order?

You should order your wedding cake at least 3 months in advance. We may still be able to accept orders at short notice, but it is safer if you take care of your cake in good time. Smaller cakes can often be ordered at short notice.

Can the cake fillings be tried beforehand?

Of course you can try some of our fillings in advance; you can buy the delicacies from us at the regular price between €4.50 and €5.60 each.

How much does my cake cost?

Each cake is priced individually depending on the effort involved. To help you classify yourself, you can find a flyer with an overview of the price here. Flyer cakes

Are there also vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free cakes?

We are happy to take this request into account for an additional charge of €15.00 per floor. However, there may be traces of allergens as we cannot work under laboratory conditions. The vegan cakes can only be made with cream fillings, as vegan mousse fillings are too unstable.

What ingredients are in the cakes?

The cakes consist of either a mousse or cream filling, using fresh cream, butter and fruit puree. We bake the delicious sponge cake bases with spelled flour and free-range eggs. We do not use any finished products or artificial additives!

Can a multi-tiered cake have different fillings?

A multi-tiered cake can contain a different filling on each tier. One flavor is included, we charge €30.00 per floor for each additional flavor.

Can I get advice on site?

If the information on the homepage is not enough for you, you can arrange an appointment for a cake discussion if necessary. It is best to write an email to us here with your contact details. Half an hour is planned for a conversation. If an order is not completed, we will charge you €25. You are also welcome to get advice by telephone.

How should your cakes be stored?

You should store the cakes in the refrigerator at around 8 degrees. If you have ordered a buttercream cake, it is a good idea to take the cake out of the fridge about 45 minutes before cutting so that the cream is nice and soft and the flavor can develop better.

How is the cake paid for?

When you complete the order, we will receive a deposit of 25% from you by bank transfer, EC card or in cash; the remaining amount can then be paid upon collection.

How is the deposit paid?

The deposit is deposited with us in cash. When you return the insulated box and cake stand, you will also get the money back in cash.

Do you also send cakes and cupcakes?

Unfortunately, we can currently only send long-lasting pastries, chocolate and fruit spreads. Shipping of our cakes, tarts and tarts is not possible; they would not survive shipping unscathed.