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"Even as a child, I mixed everything together that my parents' pantry had and was surprised by the results."

Unser Team

Melanie Rumpf, confectionery saleswoman

“I really enjoy working with people and enjoy advising customers, so working in this personal atmosphere is just right for me!”

Ellen Peter
Trainee pastry chef

“I really enjoy learning how to prepare sweet treats and being introduced to the secrets of making them. For me, it’s particularly nice to put a smile on people’s faces with our treats.”

Carmen Kraft
Pastry chef's journeyman

“For me, patisserie means passion. I love being able to express myself creatively in my job and I enjoy bringing other people joy with my work.”

Eva Maria Mendel
Cook and service worker

“As a trained chef, the processing of fresh and regional products is very important to me. The patisserie is a special world for this. It’s great fun to be part of this team and get customers excited about the products.”

Patisserie Mendel


It is important to us that all of our products are made naturally, which is why we completely avoid using artificial additives and finished products. We manufacture our goods traditionally by hand, so each piece is something very special and not mass-produced. The vanilla comes from the fresh vanilla pod and not from artificial flavoring, our eggs come exclusively from free range farming and most of the dairy products come from a small dairy in the Odenwald.

Since we cannot source all products such as almonds, nuts and chocolate from Germany, we source them from retailers we trust. Of course, our treats also contain sugar, but the dose is very important to us. For us, the taste of the ingredients is paramount, which is why our products taste particularly full-bodied and not just sweet!